Monday, August 10, 2009

Those in need are those that get the least......

The control and manipulation of information by the corporations is going to be the biggest down fall of humanity. The the concept that ideas can be 'owned' is only beneficial for corporations and their shareholders while collectively screwing over the human race. The electric car EV1 is a classic example. Only now are they slowly bringing back the electric car, after driving everyone into a frenzy about global warming and the depletion of the world's oil reserves.

but that's a whole other story.

Something a bit more 'current' is the ol' swine flu. So far the only proven medication available for it is TamiFlu whose patent is owned by Roche®. Once the Swine hits the poorest parts of the world the WHO with their great wisdom has warned that it could result in hundreds of thousands dying. (On top of those already dying of AIDS and malnutrition). In their infinite wisdom they have also advised them to stock pile and produce TamiFlu. Here lies the Catch22.

Because of the patents slapped onto Tamiflu, it is exorbitantly over priced. Sense of Déjà vu there? This exact situation happened with the Anti-retovirals (for AIDS). Due to public pressure the WHO agreed that, in an overwhelming public health emergency, poor countries would be allowed to produce generic drugs. Essentially the same drug without the the ®.

But in this case the WHO seems to be backing the Pharma companies against the rest of the world. In their defense the drug companies maintain that the outrageous prices are needed for development of new and better medications. For those that aren't in the know here is a breakdown of how a drug is developed:

1)Most research is done in publicly owned labs and universities with YOUR taxes.
2)Once something promising is one the horizon the drug peddlers contribute a tiny sum of money about ~ 10% and essential buy out the patent.

The public is taking the risk for all the failed experiments while the companies jump in and reap the benefits. Great. But wait there is more. Only 14% of the pharmaceutical profits go towards the actual 'research and development'. The rest is spent on advertising and lobbying, and of the so called research most of it is on "Me-Too" drugs. Essentially same medications but repackaged, with some molecules switched around, fancy new packaging, new patent, more $$$$$. Cant get any better? Well it does. The target market for the medications are those people who can afford it, so essentially diseases of the affluent and gluttonous. Heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes. No one cares about malaria (account for about ~40% of all health expenditure in some developing countries) because those that need it, cant afford it.

So good job WHO. Great advice about stock piling Tamiflu while simultaneously blocking those in the greatest need to bypass the patents. Next they will be telling all the malnourished people in Africa to eat more. I mean its so obvious.

The Hidden Truth Behind Drug Company Profits

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