Friday, August 7, 2009

The Future of our History - Cydonia Mansae

The Cydonia Brefings

The first official record of Richard C. Hoagland's historic presentation -- on the critical issue of potential "ET artifacts" discovered on the planet Mars -- made to thousands of government engineers and scientists on March 20, 1990, at the NASA-Lewis Research Center, in Cleveland, Ohio. At the invitation of the center Director himself, Dr. John Klineberg, Hoagland outlines in detail the early findings of the Independent Mars Investigation Team, and their complex, multi-disciplinary analyses of a series of extraordinary, enigmatic photos sent back by NASA's first official "search for life on Mars" -- the 1976 Project Viking Mission. You'll see the intensely controversial, official NASA photos themselves as NASA's own engineers first saw them -- images and measurements which demonstrate the extraordinarily redundant, "impossible" mathematical design discovered by Hoagland and his colleagues connecting the enigmatic Martian "Sphinx," and the nearby "pyramid complex" lying in a northern desert region called "Cydonia" -- left by "someone" very long ago...on the planet Mars. One day (and perhaps, given recent headlines, very soon...) this first official record of a NASA briefing on the "Monuments of Mars" will be confirmed as valid scientific confirmation of a "high-tech civilization" visiting our solar system...untold millennia ago.

Or was that civilization us? You'll notice the age of the film at first, but i assure this will not discredit the content. You, as a introexospective skepticalogical person will find that if you look for up to date information on this topic, it will open possibilities you have couldn't imagine. The key words being the "hyper dimensional physics model". There is a reason why QED and relativity don't work together, its like that on purpose to string us along. There is a reason why NASA has not been to the moon for 30 years, or have they been going all this time? there are answers to these observations, the rabbit "whole" begins here.

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