Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Approach of an Event Horizon

During my latest round of research I came across these 2 TED lectures that I believe are must see. That is, if your into Machine Intelligence and Genetics. Even so, if this sounds a little over your head, I think each genre will produce revolutions unlike anything we have see before. On the verge of endowing ourselves with gods power, the true dilemmas we will face as a human race seem years away to the sheep herds of scociety. When in fact we are possibly only a decade away from the greatest challenges we have ever faced."We are playing a dangerous experiment with this planet" and its up to us to make it Heaven or Hell. You cannot see past the event horizon, but your actions are what make it. What ever the Event Horizon may be, we are part of it. Inform your self, and free your mind. You were endowed with a self training brain, so use it!

Jeff Hawkins: Brain science is about change computing

Jeff Hawkins urges us to take a new look at the brain -- to see it not as a fast processor, but as a memory system that stores and plays back experiences to help us predict, intelligently, what will happen next.

Here is a link to a 1hr in depth explanation of the HTM model.
Computing Beyond Turing - Jeff Hawkins

Craig Venter: On the verge of creating synthetic life
"Can we create new life out of our digital universe?" asks Craig Venter. And his answer is, yes, and pretty soon. He walks the TED2008 audience through his latest research into "fourth-generation fuels" -- biologically created fuels with CO2 as their feedstock. His talk covers the details of creating brand-new chromosomes using digital technology, the reasons why we would want to do this, and the bioethics of synthetic life.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Visons of the Future

The 3 part series covers possible future scenarios for the human race in regard to our technological evolution. The matter is not will it happen, but when will it happen.

"Visions of the Future: The Intelligence Revolution. 1st part of 3 part miniseries on the BBC hosted by Michio Kaku. In this new three-part series, leading theoretical physicist and futurist Dr Michio Kaku explores the cutting edge science of today, tomorrow, and beyond. He argues that humankind is at a turning point in history. In this century, we are going to make the historic transition from the 'Age of Discovery' to the 'Age of Mastery', a period in which we will move from being passive observers of nature to its active choreographers. This will give us not only unparalleled possibilities but also great responsibilities."

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Iran and the West

"Iran Press Watch urges its readers to watch the following three part BBC documentary. This well-funded work analyzes the long struggle of Iran and the West to come together ever since the revolution. The documentary shows interviews with a wide range of world leaders who reveal the inner dealings of all governing adminstrations from the past thirty years, both from within Iran’s own adminstration and from the Western counterparts. These include Vladimir Putin, Jimmy Carter, Mohammad Khatami, Bill Clinton and many more." Amazing how America arms both sides then plays them off against each other....W.T.F... sounds familiar.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Those in need are those that get the least......

The control and manipulation of information by the corporations is going to be the biggest down fall of humanity. The the concept that ideas can be 'owned' is only beneficial for corporations and their shareholders while collectively screwing over the human race. The electric car EV1 is a classic example. Only now are they slowly bringing back the electric car, after driving everyone into a frenzy about global warming and the depletion of the world's oil reserves.

but that's a whole other story.

Something a bit more 'current' is the ol' swine flu. So far the only proven medication available for it is TamiFlu whose patent is owned by Roche®. Once the Swine hits the poorest parts of the world the WHO with their great wisdom has warned that it could result in hundreds of thousands dying. (On top of those already dying of AIDS and malnutrition). In their infinite wisdom they have also advised them to stock pile and produce TamiFlu. Here lies the Catch22.

Because of the patents slapped onto Tamiflu, it is exorbitantly over priced. Sense of Déjà vu there? This exact situation happened with the Anti-retovirals (for AIDS). Due to public pressure the WHO agreed that, in an overwhelming public health emergency, poor countries would be allowed to produce generic drugs. Essentially the same drug without the the ®.

But in this case the WHO seems to be backing the Pharma companies against the rest of the world. In their defense the drug companies maintain that the outrageous prices are needed for development of new and better medications. For those that aren't in the know here is a breakdown of how a drug is developed:

1)Most research is done in publicly owned labs and universities with YOUR taxes.
2)Once something promising is one the horizon the drug peddlers contribute a tiny sum of money about ~ 10% and essential buy out the patent.

The public is taking the risk for all the failed experiments while the companies jump in and reap the benefits. Great. But wait there is more. Only 14% of the pharmaceutical profits go towards the actual 'research and development'. The rest is spent on advertising and lobbying, and of the so called research most of it is on "Me-Too" drugs. Essentially same medications but repackaged, with some molecules switched around, fancy new packaging, new patent, more $$$$$. Cant get any better? Well it does. The target market for the medications are those people who can afford it, so essentially diseases of the affluent and gluttonous. Heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes. No one cares about malaria (account for about ~40% of all health expenditure in some developing countries) because those that need it, cant afford it.

So good job WHO. Great advice about stock piling Tamiflu while simultaneously blocking those in the greatest need to bypass the patents. Next they will be telling all the malnourished people in Africa to eat more. I mean its so obvious.

The Hidden Truth Behind Drug Company Profits

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fantastic Planet

Fantastic Planet - 1973

"The film depicts a future in which human beings, known as "Oms" (a word play on the French-language word hommes, meaning men), have been brought by the giant Draags to the Draags' home planet, where they are kept as pets (with collars). The Draags are an alien race which is humanoid in shape but a hundred times larger than humans, with blue skin, fan-like earlobes and huge, protruding red eyes. The Draags also live much longer than human beings – one Draag week equals a human year. Some Oms are domesticated as pets, but others run wild, and are periodically exterminated. The Draags' treatment of the Oms is ironically contrasted with their high level of technological and spiritual development." Totally worth very minute. Try and find a copy somewhere, This is a 5 min preview.

Royal Raymond Rife

This film covers the amazing story of Royal Raymond Rife's life and his cure for cancer and using his frequency instruments.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Stanley Kubrick's Boxes

Stanley Kubrick
R.I.P 1928 – 1999

A biography of a remarkably talented man as seen though the rich collection of material he left behind. Stanley Kubrick's films were landmark events – majestic, memorable and richly researched. But, as the years went by, the time between films grew longer and longer, and less and less was seen of the director. What on earth was he doing?

Two years after Kubrick's death, Jon Ronson was invited to the director's estate to explore the hundreds of boxes the legendary film director had collected during his decades at Childwick Manor in Hertfordshire. He's been returning ever since, and the story of Kubrick and the archive, now housed at University of the Arts London, is revealed in this fascinating documentary by looking through the hundreds of boxes he left behind.

The Race To Zero Point

At first you'll notice the age of the video. Don't worry to much about that at first. Listen to the information they disclose, then the age of the video will blow your mind. "In this award-winning, Documentary you will learn about the latest developments in the field of Free and Zero Point Energy from Tesla to Dennis Lee. Hosted by Bill Jenkins, formerly of ABC Radio, this comprehensive documentary features physicists and inventors who are challenging orthodox science to bring this non-polluting technology forward despite ridicule and suppression. See actual working prototypes that defy classical physics including phenomenal experiments in anti-gravity and the transmutation of metals."

Ascent Of Money

Cash, Dosh, Mullah, The Benjamines, The Rutherfords, Bling, Loot......call it whatever you want but money is fundamental part of society. This 6 part documentary is the history of money. From its invention to the economic monster that is now the Recession.

1 of 6 Episodes


The Trap

"This is another brilliant Adam Curtis documentary originally produced for the BBC. It talks about the modern political realities, where the policies came from and the massive failures of those ideals and how they have ended up exactly where they did not want to be. This episode starts in the Cold War and shows the seeds that were sown to produce the modern political reality. adam curtis, documentary, islam, politics, usa, uk, freedom, liberty"

1 of 3 Episodes

The Power of Nightmares

The films compare the rise of the Neo-Conservative movement in the United States and the radical Islamic movement, making comparisons on their origins and claiming similarities between the two. More controversially, it argues that the threat of radical Islamism as a massive, sinister organised force of destruction, specifically in the form of al-Qaeda, is a myth perpetrated by politicians in many countries—and particularly American Neo-Conservatives—in an attempt to unite and inspire their people following the failure of earlier, more utopian ideologies. Adam curtis once again blows our minds with another must see documentary.

1 of 3 episodes

The Century of the Self

Another amazing documentary by Adam Curtis"This series is about how those in power have used Freud's theories to try and control the dangerous crowd in an age of mass democracy." - Must see information
Part 1 of 5

Friday, August 7, 2009

Extraordinary Nature of Water

Based on Viktor Schauberger's brilliant work with natural energy and water, translated and written by Callum Coats in the books "Nature as Teacher", "Living Energies" and "The Water Wizard". Viktor (1885 to 1958) made a lifelong study of water, from mountain springs to river flows and highly evolved hydraulics. He earned the name "Water Wizard" by developing a deep understanding of water... the most important life-giving and energy empowered substance on the planet.

Extraordinary Nature of Water - Callum Coats Pt 1 of 6

As Above So Below, An Introduction To Fractal Evolution

"A decade after Mandelbrot published his physiological speculations, some theoretical biologists began to find fractal organization controlling structures all through the body. The standard 'exponential' description of a bronchial branching proved to be quite wrong; a fractal description turned out to fit the data...." --James Gleick. In the view of the Darwinists, the endlessly exquisite designs of nature are the result of an interplay of two factors--random genetic mutation and Natural Selection. Genetic mutation proposes, Natural Selection disposes.

The question of "design" in nature was one that troubled Charles Darwin all his professional life. In the year following the publication of the Origin, he writes to Asa Gray: "I am conscious that I am in an utterly hopeless muddle. I cannot think that the world, as we see it, is the result of chance; and yet I cannot look at each separate thing as the result of design." Darwinist Ernst Mayr, for one, is well aware of the design dilemma. "No consequence of Darwin's theory of natural selection was a source of greater dismay to his opponents than the elimination of design from nature. Those who studied the countless superb adaptations of animals and plants had been most gratified by the explanation that such perfection was clearly the result of design by the maker of this world." In fact, Darwin did not eliminate design from nature, as he himself indicates in his letter to Gray. Darwin and his followers succeeded only in challenging the traditional idea that the source of all design is God.

Today, any graduate student asked to develop a paper on the subject of design in nature would invariably wind up looking into fractal geometry and mathematics. Fractal geometry, as its name implies, is a geometry focusing on the description of geometrical structures, and structuring, in fract[ion]al space

Until 1975, we didn't have a fractal geometry. Our only geometry was the familiar Euclidean geometry, which goes back over two thousand years. The Elements of Euclid (circa 300 B.C.) summarized in thirteen volumes the mathematical knowledge of ancient Greece. Up into our own century, Euclid's books of geometry were taken as the final, authoritative word on the subject. Euclidean geometry deals with whole rather than fractional realities. Plane geometry concerns planar (one- and two-dimensional) structures, and solid geometry describes volumetric (three-dimensional) structures.

"New geometry's always begin," writes James Gleick, "when someone changes a fundamental rule." Fundamental supposition would be a better term than rule. Gleick continues: "Suppose space can be curved instead of flat, a geometer says, and the result is a weird curved parody of Euclid that provides precisely the right framework for the general theory of relativity. Suppose space can have four dimensions, or five, or six. Suppose the number expressing dimension can be a fraction.... suppose shapes are defined, not by solving an equation once, but by iterating it [repeating it] in a feedback loop,....... Suppose that fractals are the secret to your answers."

As Above So Below, An Introduction To Fractal Evolution Part 1

Fractals, The Colors of Infinity

Arthur C. Clarke, through interviews with scientists and mathematicians like Benoit Mandlebrot, use the popular Mandlebrot Set to explore how easy formulas can bring about intricate results. It is also used in an attempt to answer questions about the longevity of the universe.

In Search of the Miraculous

Fragments of an Unknown Teaching
P. D. Ouspensky

Orson Welles


The One Man Band

"ORSON WELLES: THE ONE-MAN BAND is a fascinating glimpse at this extraordinary man's final years - made with the cooperation of Oja Kodar, Welles' longtime companion, to whom he bequeathed a wealth of unedited films and fragments when he died in 1985. Granted exclusive access to Welles' heretofore unseen archives - and drawing from almost two tons of film cans containing fragments, shorts, project ideas, and sketches - the filmmakers are led by Kodar through the rich but unfulfilled Welles legacy. Far from being the gloomy megalomaniac that Hollywood has sometimes branded him, Welles emerges here a protean creator, at times vulnerable and lonely, but always unshakeably optimistic and unfailingly innovative."

Grand Unified Field Theory: Nassim Haramein

Born in Geneva , Switzerland in 1962. As early as 9 years old, Mr. Haramein was already developing the basis for a hyperdimensional theory of everything he called the "Holofractographic Universe." This Unified Field Theory was developed based on a specific geometric array which he has found to be fundamental to creation.
This theory has now been presented to the scientific community, and his scientific papers will soon be followed by a DVD and a book for the layman entitled "Crossing the Event Horizon." In his extraordinary DVD presentation, filmed live, Nassim will take you on a fantastic journey through the history of the evolution of humanity, pointing out inconsistencies in our concepts of physics and the rectification necessary to product a true Unification process - one that unifies the four forces of nature, biological evolution, and even the occurrence of consciousness. Astonishingly, Nassim also demonstrates that this new all-encompassing theory seems to have parallels with ancient codes left in documents and colossal monuments around the world.

Hes pretty much nailed it. wtf.....LHC... Nassim figured it out just by thinking . This is my own view off course but my intuition & logic agrees with his concepts, not to mention that his theory means we have to look at evolution, biology and universe in a whole new way. A bit like learning earth isn't flat again, cept this time its the universe. Obviously this has not gone down well with status quo of physics, its ridiculed and laughed at. In the end it doesn't really matter because the idea speaks for its self and the truth is right infront of us in everyday reality.

Instead of seeing ourselves as separate from everything around us, this view allows us to recognize that we are embedded in a fractal feedback dynamic that intrinsically connects all things via the medium of a vacuum structure of infinite potential. This research has far reaching implications in a variety of fields including theoretical and applied physics, cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology, chemistry, sociology, psychology, archaeology, anthropology, etc. A fundamental understanding of the dynamics of this interconnectivity redefines the lens through which we see the universe and our place in it, and leads to theoretical and technological advancements that move us towards a sustainable future. This new approach to the physics of universal forces has the potential to solve the most pressing issues of our times.

Terence McKenna

Terence McKenna (1946 - 2000)

Terence McKenna was a writer, philosopher , and ethnobotanist. He was noted for his many speculations on the use of psychedelic, plant-based hallucinogens and subjects ranging from shamanism, the development of human consciousness, and novelty theory.

One of McKenna's most widely-promulgated ideas is known as Novelty theory. It predicts the ebb and flow of novelty in the universe as an inherent quality of time. McKenna developed the theory in the mid-1970s after his experiences in the Amazon at La Chorrera led him to closely study the King Wen sequence of the I-Ching. Novelty theory involves ontology, extropy, and eschatology.

The theory proposes that the universe is an engine designed for the production and conservation of novelty. Novelty, in this context, can be thought of as newness, or extropy (a term coined by Max More meaning the opposite of entropy). According to McKenna, when novelty is graphed over time, a fractal waveform known as "timewave zero" or simply the "timewave" results. The graph shows at what time periods, but never at what locations, novelty increases or decreases.

Considered by some to represent a model of history's most important events, the universal algorithm has also been extrapolated to be a model for future events. McKenna admitted to the expectation of a "singularity of novelty", and that he and his colleagues projected many hundreds of years into the future to find when this singularity (runaway "newness" or extropy) could occur. The graph of extropy had many enormous fluctuations over the last 25,000 years, but amazingly, it hit an asymptote at exactly December 22, 2012. In other words, entropy (or habituation) no longer exists after that date. It is impossible to define that state. The technological singularity concept parallels this, only at a date roughly three decades later. According to leading expert Ray Kurzweil), another concept called cultural singularity (essentially cultural dissolution, or language dissolution), parallels this as well. Terrence claimed to have no knowledge of the Mayan calendar, which ends one day before the Timewave graph does: December 21, 2012, this is likely to be true as Mckennas timewave theory was published in The Invisible Landscape 12 years before the book which brought the Mayan calendar into public consciousness.

Terence McKenna on the Nature of Time.

Terrence Mckenna on The purpose of psychedelics

Culture Is Your Operating System - Terence McKenna

Terence McKenna's message to Artists

Terence McKenna: The World and its Double

"The real secret of magic is that the world is made of words, and that if you know the words that the world is made of you can make of it whatever you wish"
Terence McKenna

Novelty theory

"As above so below, as within so without"

Novelty theory attempts to calculate the ebb and flow of novelty in the universe as an inherent quality of time. It is an idea conceived of and discussed at length by Terence McKenna from the early 1970s until his death in the year 2000. Novelty theory involves ontology, morphogenesis, and eschatology. Novelty, in this context, can be thought of as newness, density of complexification, and dynamic change as opposed to static habituation. According to McKenna, when "novelty" is graphed over time, a fractal waveform known as timewave zero or simply the timewave results. The graph shows at what times, but never at what locations, novelty is increasing or decreasing. According to the timewave graph, great periods of novelty occurred about 4 billion years ago when Earth was formed, 65 million years ago when dinosaurs were extinct and mammals expanded, about 10,000 years ago after the end of the ice age, around late 18th century when social and scientific revolutions progressed, during the sixties, around the time of 911, and with coming novelty periods in November 2008, October 2010, with the novelty progressing towards the infinity on 21st December 2012.

McKenna repeatedly describes human cultural development as a succession of historical periods which are "compressed" versions of each other. In this manner, he describes an overall acceleration of human cultural development, which he likens to a "tightening spiral" approaching what he describes as the "transcendental object at the end of the universe". Source - Wikipedia

Talmud of Jmmanuel

The "Talmud of Jmmanuel" is the English translation of an ancient Aramaic script, discovered in 1963 in a cave near Jerusalem. The ancient scrolls, written by Judas Iscariot, the disciple of Jmmanuel, had been encased in tree resin and buried for almost two millennia before being unearthed by Isa Rashid, a Lebanese priest of the Greek Orthodox church, and by "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier, a New Age prophet educated by wise celestial teachers from the Pleiades star cluster. The discoverers of the scrolls have since been persecuted by Christian and Jewish orthodox groups and by political shadow governments. Rashid, who had been entrusted with the original scrolls for safekeeping and translation from Aramaic to German, had to flee from Jerusalem to Lebanon to evade his persecutors, who were intent on silencing him and destroying the scrolls. The scrolls were burned and lost in an Israeli air raid on a Lebanese refugee camp in 1974. Rashid and his family escaped, but were assassinated in Baghdad shortly thereafter. A quarter of the original script had been translated into German by then and had been mailed to Billy Meier in Switzerland. Meier edited and published the German version of the "Talmud Jmmanuel" in 1975. So far, Billy Meier has survived more than a dozen attempts on his life.

The portion of the ancient script that was saved runs parallel to the gospel of St. Matthew and appears to be its source document. The philosophical contents of the teachings of Jmmanuel, however, deviate significantly from the severely redacted version in the biblical text. James Deardorff, professor emeritus from the Oregon State University, is a stout proponent for the authenticity of the 1963 archaeological find of the Aramaic scrolls, and has spent the last 16 years studying and carefully comparing its text with the biblical scriptures. He found overwhelming evidence that the writer of the Gospel of Matthew "used and altered the Talmud to suit his theology, making changes, insertions and omissions, in a manner that precludes reversing the arguments to claim a literary hoax." Professor Deardorff also found ample evidence that the Talmud's German translation derived directly from an Aramaic source, in support of Meier's first-hand witness testimony.

When Dr. Dietmar Rothe, a physicist and engineer, first came across a copy of the Talmud of Jmmanuel (TJ) in 1996, he immediately recognized the great philosophical and spiritual value in the wisdom contained in the teachings of Jmmanuel, most of which are not in the Bible, others only in distorted form. Being fluent in German and English, he also found that the English version of the TJ’s second edition needed revisions in many places to bring out the true meaning contained in this wisdom. Over the next four years, he spent many hours in collaboration with Heidi Peters (who consulted with Billy Meier on the meaning of difficult German passages) and Prof. James Deardorff to make the English text conform accurately with the original.

Dr. Dietmar Rothe Speaks About The Talmud of Jmmanuel

This totaly blew my mind in a spiritually scientific non religious way!


They say we live in a 3d dimensional world, to me its anything but 3dimensional. We may be able to comprehend depth but if you take your point of view from your eyes right now, your brain is only perceiving a 2 dimensional plane with 3d dimensional depth, as you move to a new perspective, that to, is only a "2dimentional flat plane just like a movie. We live on the 2dimetional surface of a sphere called earth, For instance to find any point on the earth all you need is longitude and latitude. 2 points to define your location, seems pretty 2d to me. For human kind to enter 3dimentional space, we need to start using all that space above us, which is called the Z axis. To truly understand the nature of our existence, new concept that have been around for centuries are now just being popularized, not just because its being advertised but that these concepts are making more sense then any other theoretical physics out there.

common knowledge is, that to find a point in 2d space you need 2 locations to determine the position, in 3d space you need 3points, (xyz) to find that point. There are new mathematical concepts that now state you can find a point in 3d dimensions using only 2 points. This is using a form of mathematics called "complex numbers". I would fail miserably trying to convey the concept of the 4th dimension through a blog, but I found this mind expanding video that I can guarantee, will give you mathematical vertigo.

this video runs over concepts like the idea of what it would be like to be a flat lander and have to explain the 3rd dimension to its flat land friends and the same with a 4th dimensional being explaining the 4th dimension to a 3rd "worlder". Hipparchus shows us how to describe the position of any point on Earth with two numbers, and explains the stereographic projection : how to draw a map of the world. Mathematician Ludwig Schläfli talks about objects that live in the fourth dimension and shows a parade of four-dimensional polytopes, strange objects with 24, 120 and even 600 faces etc etc. In the end it all comes down to the one fundamental shape that starts it all. The Circle.

The Future of our History - Cydonia Mansae

The Cydonia Brefings

The first official record of Richard C. Hoagland's historic presentation -- on the critical issue of potential "ET artifacts" discovered on the planet Mars -- made to thousands of government engineers and scientists on March 20, 1990, at the NASA-Lewis Research Center, in Cleveland, Ohio. At the invitation of the center Director himself, Dr. John Klineberg, Hoagland outlines in detail the early findings of the Independent Mars Investigation Team, and their complex, multi-disciplinary analyses of a series of extraordinary, enigmatic photos sent back by NASA's first official "search for life on Mars" -- the 1976 Project Viking Mission. You'll see the intensely controversial, official NASA photos themselves as NASA's own engineers first saw them -- images and measurements which demonstrate the extraordinarily redundant, "impossible" mathematical design discovered by Hoagland and his colleagues connecting the enigmatic Martian "Sphinx," and the nearby "pyramid complex" lying in a northern desert region called "Cydonia" -- left by "someone" very long ago...on the planet Mars. One day (and perhaps, given recent headlines, very soon...) this first official record of a NASA briefing on the "Monuments of Mars" will be confirmed as valid scientific confirmation of a "high-tech civilization" visiting our solar system...untold millennia ago.

Or was that civilization us? You'll notice the age of the film at first, but i assure this will not discredit the content. You, as a introexospective skepticalogical person will find that if you look for up to date information on this topic, it will open possibilities you have couldn't imagine. The key words being the "hyper dimensional physics model". There is a reason why QED and relativity don't work together, its like that on purpose to string us along. There is a reason why NASA has not been to the moon for 30 years, or have they been going all this time? there are answers to these observations, the rabbit "whole" begins here.

The Milky Way

A new mosaic of infrared images taken using NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope gives astronomers a new perspective on our home galaxy. The panoramic view spans 130° along the Milky Way and runs through 13 constellations, from Vulpecula to Centaurus

The Milky Way's center shows up in unprecedented detail in this composite of two galactic-plane surveys from the Spitzer Space Telescope. This view is a small portion of a 800,000 image, 4-billion-pixel mosaic created by combining the GLIMPSE and MIPSGAL surveys. Stars show up as blue, hot gas is green, and warm dust shows up as red. The galactic center is the brightest spot (center)

This artist's rendering illustrates the observing ranges of GLIMPSE as it might appear if viewed from above our Milky Way galaxy. In this rendering, green represents the area captured in the GLIMPSE observations and the yellow dot indicated the location of our solar system. The red slice represents the 9 degrees of sky portrayed in the first panoramic image release from GLIMPSE.

"This majestic view taken by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope tells an untold story of life and death in the Eagle nebula, an industrious star-making factory located 7,000 light-years away in the Serpens constellation. The image shows the region's entire network of turbulent clouds and newborn stars in infrared light.

The color green denotes cooler towers and fields of dust, including the three famous space pillars, dubbed the "Pillars of Creation," which were photographed by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope in 1995 (see inset). But it is the color red that speaks of the drama taking place in this region. Red represents hotter dust thought to have been warmed by the explosion of a massive star about 8,000 to 9,000 years ago. Since light from the Eagle nebula takes 7,000 years to reach us, this "supernova" explosion would have appeared as an oddly bright star in our skies about 1,000 to 2,000 years ago.

According to astronomers' estimations, the explosion's blast wave would have spread outward and toppled the three pillars about 6,000 years ago (which means we wouldn't witness the destruction for another 1,000 years or so). The blast wave would have crumbled the mighty towers, exposing newborn stars that were buried inside, and triggering the birth of new ones. If a star did blow up in this region, it is probably located among the other massive stars in the upper left portion of the image. Its blast wave might have already caused a third generation of stars to spring from the wreckage of the busted pillars.

This image is a composite of infrared light detected by Spitzer's infrared array camera and multiband imaging photometer. Blue is 4.5-micron light; green is 8-micron light; and red is 24-micron light".

Ommision report

Astral Projection

William Buhlman discussed the latest research on out-of-body experiences (OBEs). During these experiences a person moves into an astral realm-- a dimension of existence apart from the physical world. There are many benefits that can be gained during OBEs. You become an explorer who can ascertain direct knowledge about one's existence rather than just adhering to a belief system.

During sleep, people actual separate from their bodies, if only a few inches, Buhlman pointed out, adding that one purpose of sleep may be to recharge the body by accessing the etheric plane. He shared a technique for inducing OBEs: Get up after about 4 hours of sleep, and lie down on a couch instead of your bed. Then, repeat the affirmation "now I'm out of my body" and hold onto that thought.

Highly Recommend Coast to Coast Radio interview - part 1.

William Buhlman is one of America's leading experts on out-of-body experiences and astral projection. The author's thirty five years of extensive personal out-of-body explorations give him a unique and thought provoking insight into this subject. His first book, Adventures beyond the Body chronicles his personal journey of self-discovery through out-of-body travel, and provides the reader with the preparation and techniques that can be used for their own adventure.

The author brings a refreshing look to how we can use astral travel and out-of-body experiences to explore our spiritual identity and enhance our intellectual and physical lives. William is best known for his ability to teach people how to have profound spiritual adventures through the use of out-of-body experiences. In addition, he has developed an extensive series of audio programs that are designed to expand awareness and assist in the exploration of consciousness.


Big Brother, The Big Picture
Here is David Icke in his recent talk from July 6th 2008, called "Big Brother, the Big Picture". David Icke speaks to the constituents of Haltemprice and Howden about the 'Big Brother' election, forced by the resignation of David Davis, and the move towards the global Big Brother enslavement we are all facing. It's almost 3 hours long and worth every minute. Give him a listen and learn. He talks without any script or notes, just free flow streaming consciousness, with great energy and passion to speak about what we all need to look at in this day and age. Open your mind to these concepts. You will find a familliaraty in these ideas that may be disturbing, that youll see how these structures resonate even in our own demoratic systems on this tiny far away haven. Remember, we are still part of the common wealth... Source - Escape The Illusion

"Condemnation without investigation is the highest form of Ignorance"
- Albert Einstein -


I had to sit through the horror that is NCEA. To make it worse, my generation was the first to try NCEA. That was 5th form 2002. Now having gone through a couple tertiary training institutes, i haven't seen it get any better. I fear for the generations going through high school now and wonder what bullshit they are still repeating to teach, not to mention the added ideals of a technological world hell bent on consumerism. I feel that the negatives of our current education system -- and not just ours, the worlds aswell-- outweighs the positives. I believe there will be an upheaval of current ideas and institutes in the not to distant future if this keeps up. Creativity must be taught and nurtured just as importantly as math and language. Our current systems of education teach in a industry complex way, they train us as workers. They lead us to an idea of a "career" and I believe the idea of "career" must be either totally reexamined or destroyed. I dono how many times I've come across people telling me that my dreams were not real careers just on the basis that is was an arts medium. Not that i wanted a career i just wanted to do what ever i wanted to do. The whole concept of society and modern culture is gradually devolving ; and with the oncoming elections,
I see no progression of economy, no progression of culture, art or ethics. Just the same old stale shit. "If everyone is thinking alike, no one is thinking"

Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity. He challenges the way we're educating our children. He champions a radical rethink of our school systems, to cultivate creativity and acknowledge multiple types of intelligence.

Why don't we get the best out of people? Sir Ken Robinson argues that it's because we've been educated to become good workers, rather than creative thinkers. Students with restless minds and bodies -- far from being cultivated for their energy and curiosity -- are ignored or even stigmatized, with terrible consequences. "We are educating people out of their creativity,"

One island in one ocean

The Dymaxion map of the Earth is a projection of a global map onto the surface of a polyhedron, which can then be unfolded to a net in many different ways and flattened to form a two-dimensional map which retains most of the relative proportional integrity of the globe map. It was created by Buckminster Fuller

Well that puts things in perspective, not only have we been led to believe a skewed view of the world but the connection also hits home in the geometric grand unified theory.

Fuller claimed his map had several advantages over other projections for world maps. It has less distortion of relative size of areas, most notably when compared to the Mercator projection; and less distortion of shapes of areas, notably when compared to the Gall-Peters projection. Other compromise projections attempt a similar trade-off.
More unusually, the Dymaxion map has no 'right way up'. Fuller frequently argued that in the universe there is no 'up' and 'down', or 'north' and 'south': only 'in' and 'out'. Gravitational forces of the stars and planets created 'in', meaning 'towards the gravitational center', and 'out', meaning 'away from the gravitational center'. He linked the north-up-superior/south-down-inferior presentation of most other world maps to cultural bias.

I believe it also shows and represents how little land we got. All of "known" life resides on these islands, in a border less sphere. For some reason its been thrown aside for years. I believe concepts like these only lead to others that the truth doesnt want you to find out.

Human Migratory patterns.


This is definitely debatable, but the beauty of it is, is that it's debatable. So it must attain some form of truth or logic. You be the judge. Neal Adams theory, "The Expanding Earth".