Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rodin Coil and Crop Circle Schematics

The Rodin Coil or Flux Thrust Capacitor/Reactionless Drive is a revolutionary Zero Point technology that has been understated over the many years of its known existence. It can produce more energy out than it gets it. Of course anything that breaks the laws of physics is not going to get a nice reception. Many coils exisit, but the revolutionary technique is how the coil is wound. Based on sacred geometry the coil is wound in an intricate pattern as you can see in the videos below. Claimed by Marko Rodin himself to be a black hole generator, the coil can generate extremely strong magnetic fields and other strange anomalous results. These coils are also the basis of Anit Gravity drives, if you can create a strong enough field you can cancel out the magnetic pull of the earth. David Sereda talks more about this in his talk on Reversed Engineered UFO Technologies.

And get this. The technology for anti gravity engines was drawn for us in crop circles. This Knowledge has been around for years. Its my Assumptions from my research is that Tesla and Wernher von Braun both discovered Anti Gravity (watch Race to Zero point) But someone or something is trying to share the knowledge with the whole world not just the elite.

There are extended videos on the Rodin Coil, Some is very complex but the ides is simple. It all relates to geometries and harmonics. I recommend watching this link if you wish to know more about the RODIN COIL

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