Monday, July 12, 2010

Dan Winter - Purpose of DNA

First post of many about Dan Winter's research. Dan is an esoteric scientist in the same line of study as Nassim Haramien. He has focused his research on geometric phase conjugation, and structure and purpose of DNA including many other Phi and Golden ratio related subjects, most notably know for his "DNA Compression Wave" theories and "Origin of Alphabet". The film PI by Darren Aronofsky was based on this man, although PI moves away from the core concept, Dan discovered a fundamental shape within the geometries of a torus which could describe the entire Hebrew alphabet (most other alphabets are derivatives of this). This of course got him in to some serious trouble with the Jewish communities and chaos ensued (this is the basis of the movie PI).

Dan has some amazing perspectives and knowledge to share with us, His DNA compression wave theory totally relates to Nassims Research and in fact the 2 theories can phase together perfectly.

Here is Dan communicating to us his "Purpose of DNA" He totally blew my mind in the 4th video when he describes how platonic solids nest, with his simple model.

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