Saturday, September 1, 2012

Non-Aligned Movement conference in Tehran

I find it interesting that as New Zealand being part of the UN, information such as this does not make it to our main stream news. Not only that but is barley touched upon in history lessons at school etc. Its important to open your eyes and mind to all parts of history.

This week Iran witnessed maybe one of the biggest international gatherings in its history. Representatives from more than 120 countries came for the 16th summit of the non-aligned-movement; movement that, after the United Nations, has the most members. Such a big event has warranted a lot of preparation on Iran's part. Iran's police have deployed 110 thousand security forces, and a lot of office buildings across the capital have been close for at least five days. In the run up to the NAM summit in Tehran western and Israeli media strove to downplay the significance of the event. Nevertheless state officials from more than 50 countries came to Tehran. Iran has been a member for 33 years but this is the first time it will be assuming the presidency of the Non-Aligned-Movement.

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