Thursday, April 12, 2012

Buckminster Fuller - Everthing I Know

Buckminster Fuller is seldom heard of when talking about human inovation, yet he developed some of the most fundamental concepts on geometry for us to understand the greater concept of the amazing universe around us. "The more I find out the less I know" This 159 video playlist will blow your fucking mind, yes there are some boring bits, but the gems of information inbetween are timless.

One thing he introduced to me is tensegrity design. I was in Christchurch, New Zealand when i was watching the video on tensegrity, when one major earthquake hit. And it struck me, the true tragedy is not the human loss during natural events like that, the true tragedy is the failure to intergrate our human designs to move and flow with the earth which is a non permenant structure. maybe one day we will listen to the old masters and start to work with the earth rather than against it. 
Below is a Tensegrity design i made from inspiration in the video above. These structures have some interesting properties that if you want to find out you should make your own one ;) 

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