Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age

Mind blowing information on recent archeological discoveries found under the ocean. Under world follows Graham Hancock a man who doesn't have any thing to do with the field but has dared to question the facts with revealing answers. He dives to some of the most recent underwater finds, those of which may date back to 11 000 years. A hotly debate topic as it means we would have to re-write our entire history. A discovery at the gulf of Cambay in India may hold the clue but is closely guarded by the government. The evidence points to a ancient advanced civilization that was flooded at the end of our last ice age. Geology proves that sea level rose 400 meters in that era and now with more and more discoveries, the age man emerging keeps being pushed back. Not to mention the emergence of advance technology at the very start of so called mans history. Could the myths and legend of a great flood be true. Chances are correct. Complete mis-interpretation of the finds has created a falsified history that has been taught to you as fact. Challenge the truth and discover it for you self.

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